The strategy behind the brand

Polished, Social, Visionary. Keeping these brand words in mind, the primary logo uses a varied weight serif font for “Top Key” with customized letterforms for an upscale, but easily readable look. The secondary logo is designed in a key chain shape which feels fresh and interesting to the audience.

We created two branded phrases for the brand that are custom designed into unique submarks. Using these branded elements allows them to consistently share their personality and values with their audience. Additionally, we designed a timeless brand pattern that can be used everywhere from print to web design.

Top Key Properties is a St. Louis based Real Estate Group that focuses on educating, empowering, and enabling families to find the home that they deserve. In an industry that continues to pile on MORE (brighter colors, squeeze in a headshot, bigger fonts), Top Key Properties delivers clean, polished visuals that invite you to stop, breathe, and relax.

With the Top Key brand, we decided to disrupt the older-dominated industry with a fresh approach aimed toward young families. The polished, elevated look of the branding allows the audience to feel like Top Key Properties understands current trends and is going to deliver them the home they've been dreaming of.



The strategy behind the brand

Holistic, Knowledgeable, Gentle. Keeping these brand words in mind, the primary logo uses customized sans serif font with interlocking “O’s” that give a slight nod to an infinity sign indicating the holistic approach to health. 

Supporting the logo is a submark with a floral inspired icon that is also used in the brand pattern. The symmetry of the icon creates a feeling of balance and knowledge. Using the floral inspiration as a base, we created three icons to represent the three types of care she offers in her niche. We also created a brand texture to give a more natural feel to the symmetry of her branding.

When Well Rooted Chiropractic approached me, they had recently decided to change their name to represent their holistic process and they wanted to narrow down their niche focus on pregnancy and pediatric care. Our focus during the whole process of brand design and brand photography was to deliver the idea that this would be a comfortable and calm experience for both mom and baby.

The balanced and calming look of the brand gives a potential customer the indication that their family will be well taken care of. The earth tones in their color palette and photography create the feeling that this will be comfortable, gentle, and beneficial to the health of both mom and baby.

well rooted chiropractic


The strategy behind the brand

Zen, Natural, Refreshing. Keeping these brand words in mind, the primary logo uses an imperfect typeface to create a natural and minimalistic feel. The shape of the secondary logo alludes to a sunrise, giving a nod to the “shine” within the name.

We developed a brand phrase "where health care meets self care" that is custom designed into two unique submarks. Since they offer so many services, we developed a series of hand drawn icons that can be used everywhere from their exterior windows, to their social media, to their website. These icons were inspired by Japanese sculpture and are imperfect in nature. 

Align and Shine is a modern wellness collective with a passion for creating personalized experiences that help people reconnect with their body.  Our goal was to create a cool, zen brand that encompassed all of their offerings while keeping things friendly and approachable.

The minimalist, wabi-sabi look of the brand gives a potential customer the indication that they will be relaxed and well taken care of. The earth tones in their color palette and photography create the feeling that this will be a modern and nourishing experience for both mind and body. Together we narrowed down their brand mission, values, and statement so they knew exactly how they'd like to be portrayed to their ideal audience. 

ALIgn & Shine Wellness co.


The strategy behind the brand

Natural, Grounded, Relational. Keeping these brand words in mind, we used a hand drawn typeface for the primary logo and kept it free of any visual clutter. The hand drawn illustrations, used in the brand pattern and submarks, use natural linework and gave more context to the type of services that Haven provides.

We created two branded phrases to show the audience what they offered and how it would solve their problem. The brand photography was curated to perfectly match the color palette and allowed the viewers to picture their family finally having a respite from sleepless nights. 

Jessica has been a gentle sleep coach for years and is now stepping into her new brand Haven Sleep Solutions - offering both one on one sleep coaching as well as downloadable sleep plans. Our goal for this project was to create a digital home that allowed her to reach a modern, young audience and allowed her to establish a passive income.

One of the things we noticed during our research on sleep coaches is that many were still using the outdated baby pink & blue color palette when in reality, most young mothers are attracted to more natural tones and textures. Inspired by organic clothing lines, wooden baby toys, and shibori indigo, this color palette is designed to attract young mothers and sets Haven apart from traditional sleep coaches.

haven sleep solutions


The strategy behind the brand

Empowering, Inspiring, Experience. Keeping these brand words in mind, we created two brand phrases and integrated their brand monogram as well. Using strong brand photography within their color palette, we focused on showing the extent of their expertise.

The streamlined, sleek look of the branding helps the audience feel they can trust not only the user experience of the app, but the people behind the brand. Taking cues from fitness apparel brands as well as tech brands, the branding positions VM Fitline above the local gym and allows them to attract their ideal audience

VM Fitline is built on integrity-based training, meaning they truly want to see clients succeed - without upselling them on supplements or tricking them into needing more training. Combining that with the accessibility of an app puts them in a unique position to meet clients needs in a way that their competitors cannot.

The VM monogram was created with letters built off of geometric forms that can appear everywhere from clothing to an app favicon. We used linework to also represent the fitness journey that the VM fitline clients will go through. There are ups and downs, angles and curves, which is represented in their brand pattern and custom icons.



Two-Week Web Intensive Details

While this was a short-term project, it was still a completely custom site. We were able to pack so many custom details into these two weeks. She had some video footage that we turned into custom GIFS and added a grungy-film element. We added a polaroid element to some of her photos and created movement throughout the site with customized transitions. 

Her site includes a hidden members-only page full of pdf resources for them to download and further their education. Her site now has the power to attract both beauty clients and business consultants to further her reach and revenue. 

Katy Goldstein utilized our two-week web intensive to give her direct sales business a refresh and create a website that she was proud to share. She had already had brand photos in place so we refreshed her brand with a custom color palette and brand typography system. Because the two-week website is a quick turn around, she was able to quickly approve a style tile that showed layout and direction for the way the photos, type, and color would interact on her site. 

From there, she used our content writing guide to provide conversion-focused copy with help and guidance along the way. The content guide actually helped her fall in love with her business and give her more clarity on what it is she actually does.

Katy Goldstein


The strategy behind the brand

Natural, Refined, Exclusive . Keeping these brand words in mind, we create the sense that these pieces are in-demand and one of a kind. Through the brand keywords we are able to deliver that sense of exclusivity and the design of the site reenforces the quality of the product.

Using the continuous line illustrations in the brand icons gave us a minimalistic look to further develop the refined feeling of the brand. Knowing that their audience cares about limiting consumerism, we developed their messaging to speak to the longevity of the product and how the clay was sustainably sourced.

Silt and Sand is a hand crafted pottery shop focused on local materials and perfectly imperfect goods. For this passion project I focused on subtle, interesting typefaces that were inspired by the sculptural nature of their pottery pieces.

The website design emphasizes their beautiful photography and, unlike many Shopify websites, feels uncluttered and upscale. The color palette is neutral but brings in some interesting orange, browns, and greens to compliment the neutral tones of the earthenware. We used vintage typewriter font on the website to give off the feeling that these pieces are timeless and effortlessly refined.

Silt & Sand


The strategy behind the brand

Nostalgia, Warmth, Transparency. Keeping these brand words in mind, we used vintage typefaces and hand drawn illustrations to bring the nostalgia of the mom & pop butcher shop. Every detail was thought out from the specific grasses illustrated, to the incorporation of Maplewood, MO - the community they love and serve.

We combined mouth-watering photography with easy-to-navigate menus to help customers find what they want first - FOOD. Along the way, we wove in the story of the farmers, their whole animal process, and a little bit of wit to give customers what they need - HEART. 

The mission of the Bolyard’s Meat & Provisions is to provide the very best and absolute freshest meat in St. Louis. We were able to take them from a single logo and DIY website, to a full brand suite with various logos, submarks, color palette, and consistent messaging. Their website has an easy flow to it that allows customers find exactly what they're looking for and get a real feel for the Bolyard's shop while they're browsing. 

Bolyard’s Meat & Provisions values the animals’ life from farm to table. The Farmer, The Processor, The Butcher. They have a greater respect for the meat and that transcends to the customer. We strategically designed marks that relayed these values and designed the site in a way to bring focus to that process. 

Bolyard's meat & provisions


The strategy behind the brand

Classic, Trustworthy, Excellent. Keeping these brand words in mind, we created a logo suite that is both timeless and original. The custom logo mark was inspired by Parisian architecture and was uniquely designed using the letter 'N'. We developed a brand phrase "Your story begins at Home." and designed it into it's own recognizable mark to be used on their website and in print pieces. 

Following the brand design, the Nadolny Network had custom brand photos taken to be used as a foundational piece in their website. From home page to inquiry form, their brand words are communicated through visual cues, user experience, and strategic copy making this website a powerhouse marketing tool for the Nadolny Network.

The Nadolny Network is a premier St. Louis real estate team that strives to provide an outstanding customer service experience for each home seller and home buyer they work with. It’s the combination of excellent service and genuine care that sets them apart from other realtors. Combining classic upscale branding with attentive, personalized connection gives their clients the best of both worlds.

In an industry that tends to pile on bigger graphics, multiple colors, and large photos, the Nadolny Network feels refined and sophisticated. The color palette focuses on a unique combination of neutral tones with an occasional pop of gold for a luxury feeling. The minimalism of the brand feels fresh but brings a familiar confidence in the quality of their services.


"Lindsay took hours to dive into what I needed in a brand. She asked so many questions to get to know my business and where I wanted to take my business."

Kat Johnson - Top Key Properties

I love how she took those answers and came up with my designs out of nothing!! Her talent is incredible. The process was fun, exciting and enjoyable!! Her finished project was delivered in a huge package that gave me all the tools I needed to grow into this new brand. When launching “Top Key Properties,” I had so many clients, friends and family members re-engage with my business and new brand. I’m so thankful to have this new brand to accompany the service I provide to my clients. I feel so extremely professional!

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